2019 December

Special Offer

Would you like a business website with a custom domain name and corresponding custom email address ?

Is your boyfriend (or girlfriend) planning to work for themselves ? Would you like to support this project and help them take a first step to success ?

Does your wife (or husband) have a business that needs a website and a custom domain ?

Does your partner dream of independence and being his (or her) own boss ?

Interested ?

Call Neil on 07472 003 004 for further details

2019 December Special Offer - Website & Email - £50

Business Websites

There are a lot of amazing websites to visit on the web, some websites cost £ millions each year to run. Other sites are the inspiration of graphic artists and cutting-edge web-designers, they look amazing, but may not provide easy access to information.

Business Websites (for small businesses and sole-traders) need to be low-cost, low-maintenance and very easy to use.

If you have a business then your customers are interested in

  • your products and services
  • your contact information
  • your opening hours
  • your location.

Your website should be simple, straightforward and professional.

Websites in 2020+

20 years ago, web developers struggled to design websites that looked good on both Apple Macs and PCs, on Internet Explorer and on Netscape.

In 2020 the challenge is to create websites that work equally well on

  • Computer Monitors
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Phones
  • Smart TVs

This is the acid-test for great business websites in 2020+

Business Websites designed by Pollocks Business Services function equally well on any device or platform