You have a GREAT business idea


  • You hated maths at school
  • You have no interest in paperwork, accountancy, bookkeeping, tax, VAT …
  • You know that the paperwork would grind you down
  • You carry on working for someone else, earning less, but your boss deals with all the paper cram

Pollocks offers plug-and-play bookkeeping

Would you like to work for yourself ? Work less ? Earn more ?

  • You don't need to learn any jargon, we will talk to you in plain English
  • We will tell you where you can save money and where you are earning the most money
  • You keep track of your companies status in real-time with an easy to use dashboard
  • You can match your bank accounts with the dashboard to double-check your status (and for your own peace of mind)
  • We will organise all your receipts, you just need to collect them daily and weekly in the pouches and filing boxes that we provide to you

You do the part that you do best, the part that you enjoy

You focus on new contracts, new jobs, new customers

You focus on earning as much money as you can from your skills and hard work

We do everything else