Pollocks provides plug-and-play bookkeeping

WE take care of

  • Bookkeeping
  • Expenses and Receipts
  • Tax
  • VAT
  • Payroll

So that YOU can focus on

  • your customers
  • your projects
  • earning money
  • growing your business

Pollocks has a new approach to bookkeeping

  • modern technology to help automate tasks
  • quick face-to-face meetings to keep everything simple

Our target customers are small businesses and sole-traders who are the backbone of business in the UK

Pollocks will change how you run your business

  • no more dread of paperwork and accounts – everything organised – you can relax
  • no more fines for failing to meet HMRC deadlines
  • if you spend 8 hours each week doing paperwork and accounts, we can reduce that to 1 hour per week
  • if you spend 10 days each year finalising paperwork and accounts, we can reduce that to 1 day per year

Pollocks targets a particular niche in the Dorset market for bookkeeping and accountancy services

Our target Customer Profile :

  • Customers who can follow our simple workflow
  • Customers who can work with a few common-sense business rules
  • Customers who want an easy-to-understand status report (30 minute face-to-face meeting once a month)
  • Customers who want to work pro-actively with us to avoid difficulties
  • Customers who want to avoid paperwork stress and 'fire-fighting'

For these Customers we will

  • Reduce their current bookkeeping costs by 30% immediately
  • Aim to reduce their current bookkeeping costs by 50% within 4 years

Pollocks Ideal Customer Relationship

We support you to run your business

We complete all the tasks that you dislike so that you can focus on the tasks you enjoy

We can complete tasks more cheaply than you can complete them yourself

The final point has two important consequences

  1. You lose money by doing the tasks yourself
  2. You save money by passing the tasks over to Pollocks

Your time is valuable